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WDN’s Social Media Marketing service provides innovative and effective strategies to help you reach more people, create unique customer experiences, and engage with your audience in meaningful ways.

How WDN Connects Businesses with Clients Through Social Media Marketing?

Our Illinois-based SMM company takes a unique approach to its social media marketing services. By combining powerful design tactics, and an understanding of key dynamics such as trends and targeted reach, we help you create engaging campaigns that capture attention and drive conversions.

Also, we specialize in strategic content creation, tracking, and analytics to ensure businesses utilizing our services are getting maximum ROI on their efforts. Moreover, we take the vision for your brand further by developing creative content that resonates with your target audience and establishing a presence on influencers’ platforms to lift your ROI higher. With WDN, success is just one click away.

How Do We Connect Your Brand to the World Through Compelling Stories and Powerful Visuals?

Brand & Target Audience
Track results of campaigns
Offer custom insights and recommendations

By increasing brand awareness and engagement with targeted audiences

Track results of campaigns to pinpoint the most effective tactics for future campaigns

Offer custom insights and recommendations for enhancing the campaign

Who Will Get Benefit from Our Smm Services?

Uprising Brands

Online Sellers

Corporate Companies

Online Sellers
Corporate Companies

Individual Influencers

Specialized Service Providers

Small Business Owners

Individual Influencers
Specialized Service Providers
Small Business Owners
Our SMM Service Includes

Our social media marketing service includes a comprehensive approach that includes brand strategy, goal setting, analytics, content marketing, and campaign management. We help build visibility and engage with potential customers. Our services also extend to creative content production, such as:

Social media audit

Social Media Audit

Our social media audit service will help you to track the results and optimize the campaigns on social media. By analyzing your content and its performance across various platforms, the audit will identify areas where improvements are needed and recommend tactics that can be implemented to maximize the impact of your content.

Competitor Analysis

The advanced competitor analysis we do in the package will help you to understand the strategies and activities of their current and potential competitors. Also, It includes tracking campaigns, competitor profiles, market trends & analysis, competitive insights & analytics, content tracking & evaluation, and more. This service helps organizations identify growth opportunities rapidly.

Competitor analysis
Content planning

Content Planning

To maintain your presence online through regular, creative, and engaging content, our expert content planning will show you the route. Our professional content planners create strategies for your social media channels tailored to their audience’s interests, optimizing viewership and engagement levels with technology and analytics to maximize ROI.

Social Media Management

social media management service is necessary to manage your social media accounts and create a data-driven approach to potential clients. And by analyzing user sentiment and competitor research, we optimize your content and targeting, a professional social media management service allows businesses to create and implement effective strategies that generate real results.

Social media management
Target advertising

Target Advertising

Social media target advertising is a powerful approach to reaching out to potential customers online. And our targeted social media advertising also offers data-driven insight into consumers’ interests and behavior. It will help you to set your target audience and craft messages that are tailored specifically. Also, will make sure those messages are delivered across multiple platforms.

Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age. Through our influencer marketing service, we use influencers to promote your brand and its products or services. By partnering with influencers, brands can reach out to potential customers, create exciting campaigns, and gain exposure for their business. 

Influencer Marketing

Our Process of Working

At WDN, we just do not give plans but believe in accomplishment. That’s why all our works are data-driven and accurate. And this commitment is not different in the case of social media marketing. As a functioning social media marketing agency, we follow the process below to achieve our goals.

Setting Goals and Objectives

We start our process by Identifying the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve through social media marketing, such as increasing brand awareness or driving website traffic.

Platform Selection

After that, we choose the social media platforms where your target audience is most active. Mostly we focus on Facebook and Instagram during social marketing.

Campaign Planning and Execution

In the following, we plan and execute social media campaigns that align with your goals and objectives, such as paid advertising and influencer partnerships.

Research and Audience Analysis

Then we approach to understand your target audience, their demographics, and behavior patterns. Research your competitors and their social media strategies.

Content Creation and Management

There's no alternative to high-quality content in social media marketing. So, we create and curate high-quality, engaging content that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Future Measurement and Analysis

Finally, we use analytics tools to measure the success of your social media marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

According to the latest 2023 reports, about 59.4 percent of the global population is engaged with social media. And the number is growing everyday. So, social media marketing is a highly beneficial approach for businesses to reach huge numbers of potential customers. Moreover, It’s an incredibly powerful advertising platform, allowing you to target specific audiences and engage with them in meaningful conversation.


In addition, with the use of messages, visual campaigns, polls, offers, and content, you can increase brand awareness, build relationships with your target audience and drive leads and sales. You can also get quick feedback from your audience, which will help you improve your overall marketing strategy and quickly adapt to market changes. 


Overall, social media marketing is an adequate platform to connect with customers to run a B2C business model.

Under Armour spends significant money on social media marketing, investing in both organic activity and paid advertising to reach its target customers. 


According to reports of statistica, the sports apparel company allocated more than $4.5 billion in the ten years (2012 to 2021) on marketing. And almost 10% of the marketing is on digital marketing through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, representing a 25% year-on-year increase. 


In addition, Under Armour sponsors influencers with massive followings to wear and promote their clothes and brand. This strategy gives them a chance to interact with their consumers on all major video and image-sharing platforms and boost awareness about their products.

Small businesses often invest in social media marketing, which is a great way to get their message out and build relationships with new customers. 


Exactly, the amount each small business spends on social media marketing can vary greatly depending on the size of their business, how active they are on different channels, and the types of advertising or services they choose to purchase. 


Generally speaking, small businesses might spend anywhere from hundreds of dollars per month for basic services to thousands for more advanced strategy development and execution. 


All small businesses should understand their budget and consider different options before investing in any digital marketing initiative.